APP 2018

WOW....I am just back from APP conference on the Gold Coast and each year I am amazed at how many people attend. It really is the epicentre of pharmacy where new products are launched and pharmacists gather to let their hair down! 

It was also great to catch up with interstate clients that I would otherwise not get a chance to see...I'm inspired to get a stall next year. Let's see how we go! 

Beezwax now partners with Clock-On for payroll!

I know when I was a pharmacist, the up front costs of setting up an automated payroll system were too much for me to consider. I understood the benefits, but decided to keep doing it "the way it has always been done."

In response to this sentiment from many of my clients, and to streamline the processing of wages as much as possible, Beezwax now uses ClockOn to provide our payroll services as part of our set monthly fee. Every Beezwax client receives a biometric scanner for recording attendance for FREE! No more recording start and end times...staff just scan in and scan out. And best of all, you maintain control over the times that are paid. 

Drop me a line today to discuss how ClockOn can make processing your wages so much easier! 


MYOB now the best option for pharmacy

In my relatively short time as a bookkeeper, I have been exposed to a number of different accounting software packages. I have worked with clients using Xero, Quicken and MYOB. 

In my opinion, MYOB is by far the superior product. Some clients baulk at the price but as a bookkeeper, I can get rates that are comparable. Xero tends to be slow and being internet based...what do you do if you lose your connection? Work cannot grind to a halt

Give me a call to discuss how we have successfully migrated clients away from Xero (incidentally I believe Xero does have a place for owner-operators doing their own books) and into MYOB. You won't look back! 


Get in early for a smooth transition...

One of the biggest roadblocks when considering a new bookkeeper is the headache involved in switching everything over. Often it is just easier to leave everything as it is, even though there are better options available. 

One way to lessen the stress of a change is to make the switch at the end of the financial year. This way, the old bookkeeper is responsible for everything to do with the old financial year, and the new bookkeeper can hit the ground running without having to wait for information from the previous guys. 

With the financial year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider a change and implement it. I try to make the process as painless as possible. Contact me for some pharmacist references who can explain how simple it really was! 

APP Conference Reflections

I write this post having just returned from the APP conference on the Gold Coast. As a pharmacy owner, I really enjoyed attending this event as it enabled me to get all my CPD points for the year and engage with colleagues about the issues affecting pharmacy. 

Now that I am on the other side of the fence, offering services to pharmacy, it was an invaluable networking experience. I didn't realise I would give out so many business cards! 

Speaking to pharmacists away from the dispensary makes such a difference and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

I'm really looking forward to turning some of those connections into clients over the coming year! 


New Year Pricing Tiers

In celebration of the new year and the great success we have had with pharmacies coming on board from all over Australia, we are pleased to offer new pricing tiers. 

In most cases, this means a cheaper monthly fee than what we have been able to offer in the past. Remember, this fee does not change so you can budget your bookkeeping costs for the foreseeable future. 

You will also receive a free document scanner valued at more than $500 RRP. 

Fill in our ANIMATED TYPEFORM HERE with your pharmacy info and we will get back to you with our proposed monthly fee within a few hours. It only takes 2 minutes to complete! 

Beezwax Business Solutions is pharmacist owned and run unlike other bookkeepers. We understand the challenges facing your business and how a good bookkeeper can help to overcome them. Our systems have made huge efficiency improvements to our pharmacy clients and we are happy to provide their contact details should you wish to discuss the benefits.

Wishing you all a safe and prosperous 2017 and we look forward to hearing from you!  

Monthly BAS For Pharmacy The Way To Go!

As I set-up more and more pharmacies for bookkeeping, I am interested to see the number that are still on QUARTERLY BAS. 

Pharmacy is in the unique position where we are charged GST on purchases but we do not charge the end customer any GST. This means that, more often than not, we are entitled to a refund from the ATO for the GST we have paid. 

When I owned pharmacies, I wanted my hands on that refund as soon as possible to help with cashflow and paying bills. I always lodged my BAS MONTHLY. Waiting for 3 months stretched the finances a little thin and it was nice to anticipate this regular deposit into the bank account.

This is also what I advise my clients...I charge no extra to lodge a BAS each month and it is easily set-up by your accountant. 

This is another example of the benefit that having a pharmacist manage your bookkeeping can make... I get it because I have been there! 



We can save you on parking fees! HOW?!

I met a pharmacist a few weeks ago who was storing all his old invoices, old prescriptions and other bits of paper in boxes in the garage at his pharmacy. For years he has had to pay to park his car in an inner-city car park at great expense. I'm talking more than $100 per week. 

While he was impressed with the bookkeeping and payroll aspects of our business service, the thing he was sold on was that we would turn him into a paperless pharmacy! He no longer had to keep invoices in his garage for 7 years and he could park his car again. 

The ATO accepts scanned copies of invoices as long as they are "true representations of the original." A scanned copy meets this requirement which means you no longer need to keep hard copies of invoices and bank statements. We even give you a scanner (valued at over $500) to make the decision even easier. All you need to do is contact us... It really is that easy! 


A new way to combat the discounters...

For years, pharmacists have been told that the best way to combat those pharmacies that discount their prices heavily is to provide extra service. Spend more time out in front of the dispensary rather than spending time in it. This was all great in theory but if you're like me, I used to stress out about the pile of jobs that was building up which in turn affected how engaged I was with my customers. 

As a pharmacist, I know that if someone is looking after all the bookwork and payroll obligations, then I am able to be more focused on my customers. This translates directly to BETTER SERVICE. Those hours spent trying to reconcile the bank statement or find an old invoice are much more rewarding if you are spending time with your customers and building relationships. 

There are many voices telling pharmacists what they SHOULD be doing but there are a lot less telling us HOW we can do it. That background sense of guilt that lingered day-to-day because you knew what needed to be done but there are only so many hours in the day and you need to prioritise if you ever hope to make it home in time for dinner! 

Only a pharmacist truly understands how a pharmacy operates, which is why Beezwax Business Solutions should be your first call when you are looking for a pharmacy bookkeeper!

Contact Pasquale for a chat about HOW he can help you find more time to spend with your customers...0418 717 664 or



Distance is no longer an issue

I write this post having just returned from setting up another pharmacy interstate to utilise our bookkeeping services. It is such a great thrill to meet pharmacists from around Australia and discuss the things we have in common and the things that distinguish us! 

I can understand why some pharmacists are reluctant to hand over their bookkeeping to someone operating interstate. It just feels like it should be too difficult. 

This is why I make a point of coming to visit each and every one of my clients personally to guide them through how simple the processes are. I have even taken the financial commitment out of the decision because I supply you with a document scanner free of charge. So all you need to do is scan and forget. The rest is taken care of! 

So regardless of where your pharmacy is located, give me a call. I promise you won't look back! 



Are you behind on your BAS?

Getting behind on your BAS is a common occurrence in pharmacy. It is easy to keep putting it off but as time passes, the size of the job increases as well. 

We recognise that it can be daunting to seek out help to bring things up to speed and the perception is that it will cost a small fortune in bookkeeping fees. This is why we will not charge you any extra fees other than your ongoing monthly fee to bring your BAS' up to date. 

This way, you can be relieved of the stress of being behind, your refunds will start flowing through to your bank account and you can be confident that everything is being maintained on a tight schedule. 

It's that easy! 


A virtual business coach

One of the great benefits to having a pharmacist (such as me!) looking after your books is the extra level of service that I can provide. 

Too often I hear stories of bookkeepers just blindly entering numbers without any thought of what they mean or how they relate back to the business. Every entry that is made by us gets seen by a pharmacist and if it doesn't look right, I will let you know. 

The introduction of high cost items now for treating Hep C highlight the importance of reconciling the PBS statements with the wholesaler statements to ensure that the correct amounts are being claimed. This would fly over an average bookkeepers's head! 

Give me a call to discuss some of the other benefits I can bring to your business so you can focus on your patients, not your books! 


Are you ready to take advantage of the next opportunity that comes your way?

This is a great success story that reinforces my determination to keep my pharmacy clients’ accounts as current as possible at all times.


A pharmacy broker recently contacted a client of mine to gauge their interest in a particular pharmacy for sale. It was made clear that the pharmacy had been offered to a number of other proprietors and that time was of the essence.


The client made contact with their bank who required all the current financials so they could make a decision on providing finance for the new pharmacy.


The client contacted me, asking for this information urgently. As a result of having all accounts up-to-date and reconciled, we sent over P&Ls, balance sheets, cash forecasts and PBS script reports within the hour.


The bank was able to make a decision within 48 hours and the client was first with submitting their offer. You’ll be pleased to hear they were successful in securing the new pharmacy and are growing their new business at a great rate.


This opportunity might have passed our client by had we not been focussed on keeping their accounts up to date at all times. As a qualified bookkeeper and pharmacist, I know how important having current information can be for your existing pharmacy and for any future opportunities that may present.


Give me a call to discuss what we can do for your pharmacy today! 

How well does your bookkeeper really know your pharmacy?


Hear what some of our colleagues had to say about Beezwax Business Solutions:

 “Pasquale really knows and understands the challenges of owning a pharmacy. He has done it successfully and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients.”                          - Anthony Tassone – President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (VIC Branch) and pharmacy owner

 “The tools Pasquale provided were fantastic. No more nasty surprises when I go to visit the accountant. Everything is up-to-date, giving me a complete picture of my business at any time.” Perry M – pharmacy owner

“Moving my bookkeeping to the cloud with Beezwax was the best business decision I have made. No more mailing invoices, waiting for them to be processed. Now all we do is scan and forget. Pasquale has access to the information immediately and keeps it right up-to-date. My accountant has never been happier and we have more space!” Christopher M – pharmacy owner

“I really like the KPI dashboard Pasquale sends out each month. It gives a snapshot of the performance of the pharmacy with all the indicators that are important to us.”                           Thu N – pharmacy manager


I am a pharmacist and a qualified bookkeeper. I know pharmacy.

You deserve a bookkeeper that can help evaluate your business, not just record transactions.


Contact Pasquale on 0418 717 664 or

A whole new world of possibilities...

Imagine a work life where the bills are paid, the staff are paid, the bank statement has been reconciled, the BAS is done, superannuation payments are up to date and all records are securely stored online for easy access at a moments notice.

Sounds great to us... and we would know, having owned and managed pharmacies for the past 15 years! 

We are offering a free scanner to those pharmacies that join us in revolutionising pharmacy bookkeeping before the end of this financial year. We will even come to your pharmacy and set everything up for free! No headaches, no stress.

Along with knowing your business back to front, we have developed pharmacy specific dashboards. Our KPIs actually mean something to your business (I got sick of seeing those generic substitution reports!). We email this to you each month so you can track the numbers at a glance. 

We have truly spent time in your shoes and know you would rather be talking with your patients than spending time trying to reconcile the bank statement. 

There has never been more reason to switch your pharmacy bookkeeping to a qualified pharmacist and bookkeeper. You don't realise how much time it can save you until you don't have to do it anymore! 

Call Pasquale to discuss - 0418 717 664. You will be surprised!