What exactly do you offer?

We offer the full range of pharmacy bookkeeping services that you would expect (see our services webpage). We operate completely online so there is no more posting paperwork to the bookkeeper. And we take care of your payroll obligations according to the Pharmacy Industry Award. All this provided by a qualified pharmacist and bookkeeper for a set monthly fee!


Is this service for me?

If you dread doing the BAS each month, then yes, this service is for you.

If you prefer talking with your patients or spending time with your family than going through a shoebox of old invoices every few months, then yes, this service is for you.

If you are sick of looking at all the old invoices you need to store in your office and want to move your storage to the cloud, then yes, this service is for you.

If doing the wages each week or fortnight becomes a full day chore, then yes, this service is for you!


What results can I expect?

The most noticeable result is that everything gets done faster, enabling us to keep your financial records current. Having access to invoices immediately as they arrive means we update your accounts in real time. BAS refunds come through quicker, staff are paid on-time and there are no nasty surprises at your next accountant meeting!


Who else has used your services?

Our clients love the fact that their bookkeeper is also a pharmacist. Results can be interpreted rather than just recorded. Head over to our feedback page for some testimonials we have received.


What do you need from me?

That depends on how involved you want to be! You can do nothing at all and let the procedures we put in place do their thing. Or you can stay completely involved, signing off on wages and bill payments. The cost doesn’t change and you receive a monthly KPI email that gives a quick graphical representation of the performance of your business.


What are your qualifications?

First of all, I am a pharmacist. I completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy at the Victorian College of Pharmacy (Monash University) in 2001 and qualified as a pharmacist in 2002. I have worked in, managed and owned pharmacies in diverse areas of Australia.

I completed a certificate IV in Bookkeeping and a certificate IV in Accounting to formalise my prior learning while running these businesses and to enable me to register as a BAS agent. This means I am qualified to charge for my services and must undertake continuing professional development.


What happens when you go on holidays?

The data entry never stops and nor do I! All information keeps being uploaded to accounting software. I continually have internet access and will respond to emails, phone calls, text messages everyday. My laptop gives me the same access that I would have from my office so from a client perspective, nothing ever changes! 


What accounting software do you use?

My preference is MYOB. It is faster, more intuitive and optimised for pharmacy accounting. 


My pharmacy is in outback Australia...will you come and set things up for me?

I will visit ANY pharmacy that is serious about becoming a Beezwax client. I find it is well worth my time to visit all my clients. It helps to put a face to the name and they know who they are dealing with. It also allows me to be certain that everything is set up correctly and I can get a feel for the client's business. 


How do I find out more?

Contact me and we can arrange a meeting! I will visit you and give you a demonstration of my systems. I think it's always a good idea to meet people face-to-face and will travel ANYWHERE to see you. Once you see how easy things can be, we can then book a time to set you up! 

We are able to take over the bookkeeping for any business at any time. It’s not as hard as many people think. The most difficult thing is the awkward conversation you need to have with your existing bookkeeper!


What other information can I access?

Take a look at the Beezwax Business Solutions blog. We post topics we think may be of interest to our existing and prospective clients.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or through the contact page of our website.