Why Working Remotely Works At Beezwax

Think you need to be able to meet with your bookkeeper face to face every month? Think again. The future of the workforce is the ability to work remotely and Beezwax Business Solutions is leading the charge when it comes to meeting the trend. With more than 75 pharmacy clients across Australia, Pasquale and his team use the latest technology to work from afar – helping to streamline businesses and give pharmacists more time to do the important things in their lives. Every single Beezwax staff member works from their own home office across Australia, meaning there are zero geographic barriers when it comes to finding the best talent to help your pharmacy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pharmacy-specific bookkeeper, payroll aficionado, business advisor or systems and processes whizz, we’ve got you covered with a team bristling with pharmacy experience and management understanding.

Why go remote?

According to a recent study, the average worker in an open-plan office is interrupted every eight minutes; taking them 20 minutes to return to a concentrated state of work. Beezwax Business Solutions is proud to employ the best for the job at hand, regardless of where they live – and with less interruptions from their home office, they get a lot done. Our staff members live in metro areas as well as in the bush, bringing their diverse experiences and varied set of skills to the table. We boast employees who work from New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka, South Australia’s Naracoorte, NSW’s Geurie, Elong Elong and Dubbo, Queensland’s Noosa and sunny Brisbane as well as the HQ’s city, Victoria’s Melbourne. Each of these talented individuals are passionate about what they do and love to help our clients set up for success and achieve their goals, no matter their post code. With no office space costs, we’re able to grow our team at an exponential rate; starting with one employee in 2015 and now boasting eight dedicated busy bees.

Decentralising is paramount to a holistic pharmacy understanding

We really believe that it’s critical to not be city-centric as a business. Company founder Pasquale DeMaria has worked as a pharmacy locum around regional Australia as well as owning his own pharmacy in Melbourne, and knows how important it is to have a well-rounded view of the sector. “Pharmacy is extremely niche and as such, it’s so important to have industry-specific advisors,” Pasquale says. “Having worked in the country and in the city, I know firsthand that there are talented and hard working professionals across Australia and I love that I can hire the best from wherever they’re set up. Country pharmacies at times have different needs and challenges compared to their city cousins and we’ve got the expertise to cover all bases.”

Perks of working remotely

For our staff members, working remotely is the future of employment. They get to dive into rewarding employment that they actually enjoy, all while sitting at their kitchen table or in a beachside cafe. Each of our staff members are efficient, committed and results driven, with a range of technological tools at their fingertips to stay accountable and on track. We use online communication channels like Slack and Zoom to communicate and find that our employees get more done whilst remaining flexible. Work should work for your life – not the other way around. Being able to fit your work around your life means you make the most of the time at your desk, rather than sitting in an office for the sake of crunching out eight hours a day. We believe in getting things done with a sense of urgency and a meticulous attention to detail, with results acting as the benchmark of success rather than time poured in.

Perks of working for Beezwax Business Solutions

There are many things our employees tell us they love about their job. They love working for Pasquale, the GIF wizard and emoji extraordinaire. They enjoy being part of a culture that is passionate about helping pharmacists and small businesses to prosper while enjoying a work life balance. They love being task driven, rather than time driven. They adore being accountable for their own day and using self-motivation and drive to get the best results, each and every time. They like using their initiative and smashing KPIs while still being able to make a doctor’s appointment or picking up the kids from school. Most of all, they love being able to use their skills and expertise, whilst living where they live.