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Let’s face it, Human Resources (HR) and mental health self-care are not our strength as pharmacists. We might have had a lecture here or there about it, maybe even attended some CPE training on the topic, but the fact is that the qualities that generally make a great pharmacist don’t necessarily make a great HR manager.

Enter BeezwaxHR...

Our pharmacy specific HR professionals want to remove the administrative burden of Human Resources from you & your staff and give you the confidence that it is all being looked after by those who understand pharmacy HR completely and do it everyday.

We are also passionate about providing professional mental health support for all staff in the pharmacy industry, delivered by those MOST qualified to do so - psychologists! The rates of exhaustion, depression and anxiety during and post pandemic has been rising at an incredible rate and many pharmacy owners and managers are simply too busy or not equipped with the right info to be able to support their team effectively.

With access to a psychologist, BeezwaxHR can offer ALL pharmacy staff a range of supports that include monthly mental health workshops, user-friendly resources & exercises and access to reduced rates for individual psychology sessions. 

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HR Advice and Ongoing Management

HR Advice

We know that when you have a HR question, you want it answered quickly
and accurately so you can be sure how to handle each situation. Our HR professionals will always get back to you within 24 hours and provide advice that is specific to your circumstance. No sitting on the fence here…

Develop HR Policies & Procedures

No longer just a part of QCPP that you look at when accreditation is due, we work with you to develop a specific set of policies & procedures that all employees agree to and sign off on digitally. We give you access to templates that encompass best practices from over 200 pharmacies that we manage across Australia and we manage their implementation into our digital HR software.

Employee Contracts & Performance

You’ll also get access to our pharmacy staff employee contracts with position descriptions for any role you can imagine in a pharmacy. We will assist in mediating disputes and record performance reviews for your team so you have easily accessible, digital records of all interactions.

End to End Pharmacy Staff Recruitment

Outsourced Recruiting Process

BeezwaxHR will work with you to come up with the best job ad possible to stand out from the crowd and attract the best talent.. We will evaluate all applicants and present you with the pick of the bunch to interview, guiding you along the way with our interview questions (developed by our psychologists) to determine which applicant will be the best fit for your team and business culture.

Locum Sourcing

BeezwaxHR have a massive database of hand-picked, proven locum pharmacists that are available for any last minute emergencies or to cover that long awaited holiday you’ve been craving! Just give us the dates you’re looking to cover and let us worry about the rest.

Advertise Roles Across Multiple Platforms

We will place ads across our expansive reach on social media, our direct talent database and we give you access to our reduced advertising rates on Seek and other job seeking platforms. BeezwaxHR clients also get free placement of job vacancies on our job listing page on and our job listing newsletter that goes out to over 5000 pharmacy employees each week.

Pharmacy Specific Psychologist Support

Monthly Team Workshops

After the shitshow of the pandemic, it is abundantly clear that pharmacy staff need help. Help to manage angry customers; Help to manage how tired they feel; Help to manage anxiety about putting themselves in harm’s way each day at work and help to work effectively with each other. Part of our BeezwaxHR program includes our trained psychologists meeting with your team each month for training and guidance on how to handle these issues. We have some set topics such as managing stress, people skills, balancing life with work and how to deal with customers but we can also be guided by the team on what they think will help them best. We can also support teams after a traumatic event (eg robbery, death).

Access to Pharmacy Specific Psychologists

Another part of the BeezwaxHR program is access to our psychologists to provide a confidential, independent counselling service to help pharmacy staff through any issues that they face in their life where they need some external support. Each staff member gets access to 3 sessions at a reduced cost and this can be paid for by the employer (as is the case in larger companies where they know the investment in the individual means improved productivity) or it can be paid for by the employee, where the cost can be claimed back through private health insurance providers.

Become a Destination Workplace

Everyone in pharmacy land knows just how hard it is to find staff at the moment. It is no longer a race to the top to see how high a wage needs to be offered before a position gets filled. The new crop of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants want more than just cash. They want to feel supported by their employer and want to know that their employer values their total well being, rather than just how fast they can stick labels on boxes. Being part of BeezwaxHR is the perfect way to stand out from all the other pharmacies looking for great staff!


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