Using Social Media in your Pharmacy

We hate to break it to you, but with half the world on social media, it’s a wagon you simply have to be on. Anyone that argues otherwise is apt to be left behind, kicking dust and wondering why Harry down the road is high fiving and lol’ing with his customers #memes.

Social platforms help you to connect with your customers, boost leads and sales and jack up awareness around your brand.

When it comes to social media as a pharmacy, do you want to:

  • Grow and engage your brand awareness?
  • Get local shoppers in?
  • Promote customer loyalty?
  • Launch new products?
  • Boost customer satisfaction?

Coming up with content
As they say, content is king and you’ve got to grab that bull by the horns (take a video at the same time. That could go viral.)

  • Perhaps you have a lot of yummy mummies in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, who are interested in premium baby products.
  • Do you have a customer base of mainly under 25? Insta is where it’s at.
  • Are they older? Probably sway more to Facebook.

Knowing your market demographic gives you a direction to channel your content creation. Know your target audience well.

Have a think about what makes your pharmacy stand out from the crowd. Hone in on these traits and create your content around them, building awareness and upping engagement with like-minded customers.

Get a content calendar
Posting on your social media platforms can be the bloody last thing you want to do when you’ve got a million other things to do – like, namely your job. This is why having a monthly content calendar can be very handy, so you’re not scrambling to come up with content several times a week.

  • You could make one yourself on excel or download a number of free ones online.
  • Once you have your content calendar, take the time to fill it a month in advance, so any one of your employees can post it on the business’s behalf.
  • If you have an employee who enjoys social media, maybe you can make it their job to post – giving them responsibility and accountability for something they enjoy while taking it off your hands.

Make it fun
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Pharmacy can be as dry as a mouthful of cruskits after a run through the Namib desert. However, your content doesn’t have to be dull. There are a squillion ways to jazz it up, and if you’re out of ideas, grab that millennial working behind the cash register and have a spit balling session.

Pharmacy content often goes with clinical stock photos with clean looking folk in white coats holding drugs or laughing with oldies.

  • Can you make your images more interesting?
  • Maybe you have a photography buddy who could hire or barter services with to shoot some interesting or beautiful shots inside your pharmacy with a bevy of willing crew.
  • Look at your social media as the bridge between your shop and your customers. Sprinkle your personality and make it human.

Share your story
Giving a face to the story behind your business is the number one way to connect with your customers. Stories are a human instinct. It’s how we break down walls, find solidarity and engage. Sharing a little about who you are, the road you traveled to get to where you are and why you love what you do is an invaluable and unique opportunity to engage and inspire.

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