What We Do

Imagine this...The bills are paid, the staff are paid, the bank statement is reconciled, the BAS is done, superannuation is up-to-date and all records are stored securely online for easy access at a moment’s notice.

Systems and workflows are in place and humming along efficiently. Your phone buzzes while you're on the beach with our Beezwax Business Insight report. It shows all the relevant KPIs for your pharmacy so you know you can afford to order that extra cocktail.

This CAN be you.

But what makes us different to a run of the mill bookkeeping business?

  • We’re industry specific. Only a pharmacist can truly understand your business. Beezwax staff all have skin in the game and understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • We give a toss. We want your business to not only survive – we want it to thrive. We know what it's like to own your own pharmacy and be in the deep end. We also know what a difference it can make when your business is prospering.
  • We only help those that want our help. Our team is made up of grounded, results driven professionals that work with a sense of urgency whilst also having a laugh. We love to work with like-minded pharmacists who are ready to take on our proven processes and systems and reap the rewards.

What's more, we don't just tell you what to do and leave you to it. We are in constant contact, coaching you and your team in our systems and managing the change so everyone is on board!

As a standard bookkeeping client, you get the following - all of which add huge value to your business.

Streamline Bookkeeping & Payroll

Best practice pharmacy bookkeeping and payroll done for you by our team of pharmacy industry gurus.


This is where we get the basics right. Pharmacy bookkeeping & payroll is a walk in the park for our team and there’s nothing we haven’t seen!

We get your day to day bookkeeping & payroll under control and working optimally in a quick and smooth fashion.

We help you go through your numbers, tidy up the financials and transition your books over to our system in a systematic way. You’ll wonder why it took you so long.


The Virtual "Beekeeper"

This goes a step beyond our standard bookkeeping engagement and is an added investment for those ready to take it to the next level. 

Are you the sort of person who wants relevant information as to how your business is tracking but want to be removed from administration, bookkeeping and payroll tasks? 

The Beezwax team have your back and will close the books quickly and accurately each month so your BAS refund hits your account by the 14th.

Get in touch so we can tailor a solution for you and your pharmacy.

Beezwax Business Insights

Once your foundations are right, we deep dive into how best to measure and improve your business metrics. We're able to spot trends quickly so you can act fast. 

Receive a regular, personalised dashboard of your business’s live and up-to-date data, covering everything from store performance, staffing optimisation, script and professional services performance.

If you’d like to see what this dashboard looks like, get in touch and we’ll send you an example.


Systems & Workflow Modernisation

Easily modernise your pharmacy by implementing efficient, pharmacy-specific workflows and technology solutions to give you back more time.

Our Systems Work For You

Get back hours in your week by implementing our proven workflow systems that give you more time for the important things.

From the most powerful of accounting systems to what technologies your staff and customers expect; we can help to clean up your business so you can work faster, smarter and with more efficiency.

We'll then help you leverage these systems to get the most from automation to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on admin. 

Go paperless

Kick-starting your paperless workflow is key to cutting back on the boring admin work you need to do in your business.

Getting on the ‘cloud’ and digitising your paperwork means access to all your documents at the click of a button and frees up valuable space eaten up by storage; protecting you and your important documents from fire and flood.


Steward Brand says, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

Automation is the future, slashing time consuming tasks, improving accuracy and information access. We’re automation gurus and can show you how building it into your business not only saves you time but also significantly adds to its valuation.

Business Mentoring & Advice

Need help with a specific issue? We can provide advice across a broad range of areas such as:

Buying / selling a pharmacy
Troubleshooting problems & rescue MYOB & XERO work
Technology choices

Not sure where to start?

The Pharmacy Business Roadmap

Our roadmap is an end-to-end review of your pharmacy operations. We open the lid on everything from financial performance benchmarking, reporting, bookkeeping and admin processes and develop a series of recommended steps and priorities to help you scale up the performance of your business.

Look Under The Hood

Our initial scan of your business will give you steps to implement immediately and easily, yielding significant improvements from day one.

The Beezwax team visits you in your pharmacy and lifts the lid, analysing everything from financial performance benchmarking and reporting, to bookkeeping and administration processes. 

We then develop a series of key deliverables which include recommended steps and priorities to help you scale up the performance of your business. With the ever-changing landscape of pharmacy, there’s no room for complacency.

Gain financial clarity

Financial clarity gives a clear picture of how the business is performing, drilling down from utilisation and performance of product lines to stock levels and professional service sales.

Our real industry expertise will help you make sustained change. Your business will benefit from our benchmark data that will shine a light on where it's performing above or below par.

Modernise systems & workflows

Leverage our insights and industry know-how with the latest tools, systems and processes available to pharmacies.

We can help you to implement the right tools to support optimal systems and workflows that makes your business run like a well-oiled machine.


Workplace Culture Review

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so it makes sense that if we optimise them, the performance of your business will improve.

We spend time engaging with your staff, learning about their aspirations and what motivates them. We help you to put strategies, that have been proven to work in pharmacy, in place to get the most out of your team and your business.