How We Work

Our clients are pharmacists who own or are looking to buy a pharmacy.

They’re looking for expertise when it comes to pharmacy specific bookkeeping and payroll.

They’re looking for a bookkeeper that shares their values – people that give a shit about their pharmacy and want to see it prosper.

Our clients want to be part of the Beezwax family.

They want a bookkeeper that works with a sense of urgency and are quick to get back to them. Our clients are ready to incorporate proven workflow modernisations and are enthusiastic about implementing the Beezwax way of doing things, to improve their efficiency and save them money and most importantly, time.

Our clients are part of the new wave of pharmacists who know that a tough retail market is no time to be complacent – and the only way to compete and thrive is by ensuring their business is operating at 100% capacity.

Steps to working with us

Get in touch! Email, webchat, phone, Zoom – we’re not fussy! Talk to us about your needs and what you want from the relationship with your bookkeeper. We can advise on the optimal time for a change over and can offer advice on how to break up with your current bookkeeper – no, it definitely won’t be as painful as when you were seventeen.

  • We will put together a no-obligation proposal that takes into account how much work is involved – things like your number of staff, number of bank accounts and your number of credit cards.
  • Once you’ve approved the proposal, the back engine room starts roaring. We set up a convenient start date for you and get ready for the show to begin.
  • Our practice management software will send you a checklist for the information we need to ensure a smooth beginning; all the boring stuff like bank details, bank statements, phone numbers and ABN. Once you provide all this information as quickly as you can and the software marks it as complete, the automated reminders will stop harassing you! Are automated reminders annoying? Yes! Do they keep you accountable and working efficiently? Also yes!
  • We set up a time for Pasquale to come and visit you on site, wherever you are in Australia. Perth? Awesome. Alice Springs? Bring it on. Tamworth? He’ll pack his cowboy boots. Pasquale will bring you a document scanner (hallelujah, no more storing 7 years worth of old paperwork) and an Android tablet used for payroll. Our tech team will be in touch to install the required software prior to the on site visit.
  • The payroll team will also book a time with you to introduce themselves and step you through the payroll procedures and software.
  • Pasquale comes and sets things up and provides on-site training for all required staff; answering any questions you may have so everyone is clear on the process. There’s always time for a beer and bootskoot, if required.
  • Get ready for some magic! You have completed the first steps towards optimising your business and setting up for success. While there’s no silver bullet to every bookkeeping and business challenge, you’re surrounded by the best in the business with the Beezwax community.

How to break up with your bookkeeper

We know how scary it can be to let your bookkeeper go...

No one loves confrontation (unless you’re a total narcissist) and it’s no fun to tell someone their services are no longer required. We like to think of it a little like a break-up. There could be all of the classic tactics; denial, counter arguments, begging, anger and words to the effect of, “You’ll regret this!” and “What’s he got that I don’t have?” Showing up on your doorstep, sending flowers, watching you while you sleep… um, maybe not. That would be creepy. However, we digress.

While it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, it’s one that is paramount if you want to benefit your business and up-level when it comes to your systems, processes and workflow; ultimately saving you time and money. Time to pull on your big girl and boy pants and have that conversation. Below are some of the lines we’ve given other pharmacists when they’ve asked how they can deliver the blow gently and professionally. We really should start a dating app…or a break-up app?

What you can say…

  • “As the business continues to grow, I’ve decided to use industry specific professionals and service providers. I’ve come to realise that using specialists is a real plus for my business. I’m choosing to move my bookkeeping over to a pharmacy specific bookkeeper as he really understands the specific challenges pharmacy is facing.”
  • “Pasquale is a pharmacy friend of mine, and is now offering bookkeeping services. Because pharmacy is such a niche industry, I’ve decided to move over to his bookkeeping business to see what industry specific advice and insights he can offer me.”
  • “The retail game is getting tougher and tougher, and if I’m going to survive I need to really trim the fat and ensure that all of my advisors have skin in the game. I’ve decided to swap bookkeepers purely for that reason and thank you enormously for your efforts and wonderful work so far.”
  • “It’s not me, it’s you” (not advised).