Who We Are

Beezwax Business Solutions was established in 2016 with a single focus - to help other pharmacy owners prosper from the bookkeeping and pharmacy management methods that have been developed through lived experience - owning and managing pharmacy stores.

Beezwax is based in Melbourne with a client base of more than 100 pharmacies across Australia. From the big cities to the tiny country towns, our team visits each one of our clients in their store to delve deep into the nitty gritty of how their business is functioning, with proven strategies and efficient workflow processes to save them time and money.

We'll come to you wherever you are! 

Meet Pasquale

Pharmacist and Principal of Beezwax

As a registered pharmacist since 2002, I've managed and owned my own successful pharmacies and helped others build lucrative businesses across the country. This industry expertise is what sets me apart from a CPA or management consultant with a little pharmacy management knowledge tacked on the side. With skin in the game, my experience has been honed inside the trenches of the pharmacy world. 

My experience as a first-time pharmacy owner is a common one (although, my experience nearly killed me – literally. More of that in a minute.) Five years of pharmacy studies and managing other stores really didn’t prepare me for running my own business. I worked hard, studied harder and absorbed every bit of information and advice I could get along the way. I quickly realised most advisers are big on theory, but could offer no real practical know-how. I had to figure a lot out on my own.

My stores continued to grow, with increasingly longer hours managing the financial systems, administration and my staff; my young family was paying the price. In 2016, everything changed. There’s nothing like being clinically dead for 13 minutes to jolt your perspective. A heart attack at the age of 34, completely out of nowhere, was the wakeup call I needed. I knew I needed to redefine my priorities.

So, Beezwax Business Solutions was born; a different kind of advisory that lets you learn from my mistakes, leverage my successes, gain access to my guru team and build a practice that won’t kill you.

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The Beezwax Team


CPA Accountant & Supervisor

Gabby has been responsible for lifting Beezwax from a one-man band to the rock superstars of pharmacy bookkeeping! Her systems and processes ensure the information we are collecting is accurate every time and she helps our staff (and our client's accountants!) with any queries that come up.

Gabby says, "I don't think I am the sterotypical accountant... I love what I do and I have a bit of OCD when it comes to making sure the numbers balance and are correct. I love building relationships with pharmacy owners and help them to understand their accounts. That does sound a bit "accountancy" doesn't it? OMG - I am one of them!!!"


Client Manager and Bookkeeper

Narelle takes care of most of our new clients as well as clients looking for a more "hands-on" relationship with their bookkeeper. She is amazingly organised and has a calm (but firm!) manner to make sure we are receiving the info we need to do our job.

Narelle regularly goes above and beyond her role to make sure things run smoothly for her clients. She says, "I enjoy getting pharmacy owners and managers into the groove of our systems. Coaching them with what we do and why we do it is so important - spending a bit of time on the phone with them makes such a difference. Once they get it, they love it!"


Client Manager and Bookkeeper

Franck owned and ran his own bookkeeping business for 15 years prior to joining the Beezwax team. He brings an understanding of what it is like to own your own business and a wealth of experience in helping other business owners manage their bookkeeping, payroll and admin work. 

Franck was born and lived in France for 26 years where he became a fully qualified chef. It doesn't take much to guess who we hand the BBQ tongs to at our Beezwax catch-ups! 

Franck says, "Beezwax has provided me with the perfect work life balance that I was looking for. Being able to be home for my children and work with and for great people all over Australia is just "fantastique"!"


Payroll Officer

Before most of us are even contemplating waking up, Alex has fed over 3000 sheep and got her kids ready for the day. She then starts processing payrolls for our pharmacy clients well before they have even opened the doors.

Alex takes ownership of her client's payroll systems and works closely with them to make sure everything is being processed correctly and on time. She is extremely diligent (so many notes!) and doesn't rest until she knows all the employees she is responsible for have been paid on time!

Alex says, "I'm just happy to get in and get shit done!"


Payroll Officer

How many bookkeepers or payroll officers do you know that can play a game of polocrosse on horseback and then smash out a 100km ultra marathon? Not many I reckon! Not only can Ness do these superhuman feats, she is also our pharmacy payroll superhero. Ness is an expert across all of the pharmacy award conditions and rates, making sure you are on top of your obligations as a pharmacy owner.

Ness says, "I enjoy that we are all located remotely, but work together as a team. At times, my communication may appear short and to the point...it needs to be when you are looking after more than 600 pharmacy employees!"


Practice Manager

Michelle takes charge of the virtual Beezwax office and makes sure all of our automations and systems are purring along like a well-oiled machine. Her ability to find solutions and troubleshoot problems is uncanny and she is our go-to person when one of our cogs pops out of place!

Michelle says, "I may be good at automating... but I'm still a human who on occasion, spills their coffee! I like having time to up skill in programs to help better support the team - in turn being able to serve our pharmacy clients better."