Work With Us

Are you looking to join a passionate team that truly cares about making a difference? Are you craving the chance to work remotely and do a job that has purpose and meaning, regardless of where you live? All of the staff at Beezwax Business Solutions work from far afield. With staff members scattered across the country, we’re a small and close-knit group of professionals brought together by our commitment to the business’ ethos rather than our postcodes.

We believe in ownership and accountability.

Our ideal team members have a strong, self-driven work ethic who believe that work is task driven, not time driven.

They do the right thing every time, regardless of whether anyone is watching.

They have a meticulous attention to detail and a sense of urgency when it comes to getting things done.

They know that results matter more than how long you work and have the skills and autonomy to deal directly with clients and stakeholders.

They love to exceed their client’s expectations and really give a shit when it comes to the people and businesses they’re working with.

They celebrate the wins, reflect on the challenges and have the awareness to self-review when it comes to what isn’t working or could be done better.

They’re transparent go-getters with exceptional customer service who like using technological tools like Slack and Zoom to communicate and they don’t mind whipping out a strong emoji or GIF.

Are you an experienced bookkeeper, accountant or pharmacy business consultant who is ready to join Australia’s leading bookkeeping and payroll service ? Put on your self promotion hat and go through our pre-interview questions here….